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Products Against COVID-19. Top Gearbest Deals.

Products Against COVID-19. Top Gearbest Deals.

Top products for your health during pandemic.

Amid the news that China is defeating a new pandemic, and hastily deployed hospitals are closing down, panic still does not subside in the world.
Medical products for the prevention and control of infections today are experiencing a peak of popularity, and if there is nothing left in the pharmacy at home, then it's time to pay attention to the Gearbest assortment with a huge selection of all kinds of products. This will allow you not to panic, and to buy goods without extra charges at a low price.

1. Medical masks, 3-ply non-woven

The classic blue mask, which should be worn for no more than 2 hours, and which holds up to 80% droplets or aerosols, is undoubtedly the most popular product during a pandemic. These masks are recommended to be worn in all public institutions, as well as those infected, in order to reduce the spread of a potential infection from 20 meters to 2. One way or another, as many recognize, the mask is calmer.

50PCS Medical Masks Disposable Medical Sanitary Surgical Face Masks



2. FFP2 KN95 Protective Mask

Special masks for those to whom the usual “blue” seems unreliable. It is made of dense material and is designed to protect not only from infection transmitted by airborne droplets, but also from dust and polluted air. On the nose - a flexible plate that adapts to your anatomical features, and high-quality earhooks that are designed for long-term wear, since this mask does not need to be changed every 2 hours.

FFP2 KN95 Protective Mask N95 Anti-dust Filtration Breathable Face Non-medical Mask



3. Respirator

A budget respirator with eye protection that has become very popular in China. The most popular model is with two activated carbon filters, the material is silica gel and the glass is not fogged from shockproof polyurethane. It is such a respirator that will completely protect not only the respiratory system, but also the mucous surfaces of the eyes, contact with which is also undesirable in an acute epidemiological situation.

6200 Type Industrial Half Face Painting Spraying Respirator Gas Mask



4. Protective caps

A very popular product in China, due to the high population density and the likelihood that someone in the crowd sneezes right in your face. Here, transparent 100% polyester, which does not narrow the view and really creates the effect of a windshield, which protects the face from contact with the environment.

Unisex Anti-saliva Baseball Hat Foldable Removable PVC Mask Protective Cap



5. Nitrile gloves

Rubber nitrile gloves do not contain latex and do not have internal spraying; therefore, they are hypoallergenic and do not cause dry skin. Extremely durable and flexible, their tensile strengths exceed 500%. That is why such gloves are most in demand for moving along the street or riding in public transport - even if you cling to something sharp, then the gloves are likely to survive this, which can not be said about the usual medical ones that can be broken by a ring.

The material from which the gloves are made can withstand acid, and disinfectant solutions, and caustic reagents. Moderately thin, their hands do not sweat, which compares them favorably with latex gloves, in which hands are unpleasant after half an hour.

SYJF 116-2 Disposable Nitrile Gloves Personal Protective Equipment 50PCS



6. Disposable suit

This suit is made of composite non-woven materials that have excellent insulating properties - a gas-permeable membrane. Meets safety standards, does no harm to the skin, and protects, including dust and chemicals. Due to its wide size and zipper, it can be worn over clothes.
The jumpsuit is actually stronger than it looks. So if you just wear it over your clothes, then be sure that it will last a long time.

TLX-YF101 Disposable Medical Protective Clothing Safety Suit Anti Virus Workshop Overall Coveralls Isolation Gown



7. The warmed disposable protective jumpsuit 

The pumped-up version of the previous product is an insulated jumpsuit with a hood with a zipper. It is made of acetate, has three colors and a wide size range, so that you can wear it over your clothes for comfortable movement through the "infected crowd". Such overalls were really issued to volunteers of medical institutions in China, so this degree of protection is quite approved from a medical point of view.
Despite the low cost, there is information about interruptions in the supply of this product, and if you believe the reviews, then buyers from the United States have been waiting for this jumpsuit "very, very long."

TLX-YF102 Disposable Medical Safety Clothing Protective Suit Anti-virus Workshop Overall Coveralls Isolation Gown



8. Infrared thermometer

Non-contact thermometer, which has become a mandatory attribute in all places of public stay. It is this device that meets all arriving and arriving, they measure the temperature of employees of large enterprises at checkpoints. This product became scarce during the pandemic, and in pharmacies "at home" this product has long been sold out, so if you are on fire with the purchase of this device, there is a great opportunity to order it on Gearbest.

The device is very simple to operate: set the desired mode — the environment or the “body”, point it like a gun, press the button, and the temperature of the item you are interested in is displayed. Made durable, in a convenient housing, comes complete with a Krona battery.

DHL TNT Non-contact Ear Forehead Thermometer for Baby Adult IR Infrared Temperature Measurement LCD



9. Finger portable pulse oximeter

Since coronavirus gives the lungs the most dangerous and frequent complication, this device has also become in high demand. It is with the help of it that you can track the level of oxygen in the blood, notice a deviation from the indicators and prevent complications in the early stages, avoiding, for example, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

As buyers write in the reviews, the device is intuitive and fairly accurately takes readings - everything is displayed on a convenient display. Comes with a case included.

Digital Finger Oximeter Portable Electronic LED Display Fingertip Pulse Oxygen Saturation Monitor



10. Antibacterial gel

Rounding out the top antivirus product is the antibacterial gel, which has become a regular companion and a welcome guest on the tables of office workers. Particularly suspicious ones rub their hands after each handshake, and in addition, they also process keyboards, mice and mobile phones.
It is a gel of ethanol with perfume fragrance - this is well rubbed on the surface of the hands, disinfects and kills most bacteria. It can be used an unlimited number of times a day if it does not cause allergies.

20 Packs Anti Virus Bacteria Hand Sanitizer Gel Wash Antibacterial Disposable Disinfection 40g



Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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